North Fork Road is a mere 1.5 miles long, but it is lined with just over 30 cabins with some of the prettiest backdrops in the state of Colorado. Only 15 minutes from Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park, the north fork of the Big Thompson River runs through the middle of Glen Haven.

Glen Haven is surrounded by designated wilderness areas (Roosevelt National Forest). An increasing number of cabins in the area are becoming winterized, which means fit for living in during off-season months.  

While the General Store may be closed during winter months, the town of Estes Park is easily accessible by car. The town is relatively empty of the hordes of tourists that flock to the park during more hospitable months. Grocery stores remain open throughout winter but call ahead for restaurant accommodation as they change hours or close shop during winter months.

Cabin Life

Cabin life is truly special during winter months. Free from the distractions of summer weather pursuits, winter can be a time of needed seclusion and rest.  Winter cabin life rejuvenates the soul for the bustle and activity of summer. For maximum enjoyment, consider huddling around a fire with a stack of favorite books or playing games with the family with delicious hot beverages.

A Frame cabin available for rent on AirBnB
Foe Cabin
Green Cabin with the mighty North Rock backdrop
Hobert Extra Cabin available for rent on AirBnB