Fall is a wonderful time to be in Glen Haven! Daytime temperatures are pleasant and warm, while a crisp mountain chill has descended on our mornings and evenings. Local wildlife are enjoying the last bits of warm sunny weather before taking a winter’s sleep. And! We’re officially into the ‘shoulder season’, meaning fewer tourists out on the roads and in town. So, put on your boots and a jacket and get outside!

West Creek beginnings of fall color shift


Elk begin their rutting (mating) season in fall, so the elk will begin to bugle loudly for all to hear. We do have a few elk that wander down this way from time to time, so keep your eyes peeled for them. Otherwise, pop into Estes Park to view the herds. This should go without saying, but remember to keep your distance from rutting elk! Also, neighborhood bears are binge-eating in preparation for hibernation. Be sure to practice bear safety and prevent home break-ins.

Bear trap set up on North Fork Road to capture repeat break-in bear offenders, reminder to us all to work together to keep bears out of cabins


The leaves on the aspens have already begun to shift and will hit their full golden splendor soon before falling from the tree. Hit the local trails (Crosier Mountain Trail and North Fork River Trail) to catch the full magnificence! Bring your camera and thermos filled with your favorite hot beverage, so you can spend the day leaf-peeping. Don’t worry, if you happen to miss the changing colors - you’ll likely be greeted with an equally gorgeous site of a light dusting of snow on our beautiful landscape!

Beautiful fall colors on display


The daytime temperatures for fall in Glen Haven range from 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. Overnight temperatures will begin to dip below freezing soon. Keep an eye on Larimer County fire ban information. If we are allowed, now is a great time to light up your chiminea and sit out on the porch in the evening!

Winter season follows quickly on the heels of autumn, so begin preparations for the cold and snow now! Stock up firewood supply, change to winter tires, put the down comforter on the bed, and get out your soup recipes for the coziest season of the year!

Sunflower decay in anticipation of colder temperatures