I spoke with owners of the Inn of Glen Haven Tom and Sheila Sellers.

What are your favorite parts about running a business?

(both) The people you meet, definitely. You’ve got to love people and the business to run a place like this because you devote your life to it.

Can you describe for me some of your favorite moments running the Inn?

(Sheila) The best part is in the evening when the day is all done and you get to visit with the guests. That’s fun. There’s also the specialty cakes! I enjoy making special desserts for our regulars when they come in for life event celebrations (birthdays, anniversaries). I decorate with fresh flowers, it’s quite lovely.

(Tom) My favorite parts of running the Inn definitely involve the people! Working behind the bar I’ve met so many interesting people over the years. Some don’t like to be seated even until they’ve come back and found us to say, ‘hi!’ We’ve made really good friends over the years running this place.

How has the Inn changed over the years?

(both) The people change. When you run a business for 30 years, some of the clientele moves to a new location and some pass on. You see the population transition quite a bit.

Do you have any special local traditions?

(Sheila) Tom and I had many traditions that we did with the town prior to the flood in 2013. We’re still working to re-establish them. The flood was really quite devastating, and we’ve spent the past few years rebuilding. We used to have ‘Village Night’ for Glen Haven locals once a week and always had a great turnout. We served a fixed menu, and I would introduce new desserts. We held that event in the back garden. We also used to host the 12 Days of Christmas, wheeling a stuffed pig through the Inn. My brother hosted the event as the ‘Portly Gentleman’. It was a beautiful event, and the food was always magnificent!

The front sitting parlor at the Inn of Glen Haven.

My family and I ate here recently to celebrate a graduation. We tried all of the desserts, and they were phenomenal! I understand you prepare all the desserts. How did you learn to cook?

I attended Escoffier in Boulder many years ago. Desserts are my passion (for a recipe generously provided to The Glen by The Inn of Glen Haven, see page 30)! Our chef attended the same school!

The Inn is a seasonal business. What do you enjoy doing the rest of the year?

I was a motivational manager for the phone company for many years. I trained people to set goals, so I’m very proactive. I enjoy volunteering with the local aviary helping with baby birds. I do antique restoration and reselling. Many of the pieces within the Inn have been collected and restored by myself over the years. I also do quite a bit of gardening. I maintain the flower garden we have here at the Inn.

What moments keep you excited about running the Inn?

I really love when a guest tells me ‘thank you!’. We do a lot of small service acts like filling oil lanterns, pressing the lace on the bed linens, serving housemade desserts and filling the Inn with fresh cut flowers. I get a lot of satisfaction from a job well done and having that extra effort be appreciated.

Repeat customers over the years become friends. It’s quite special - I really enjoy that part of the business as well! Some people don’t like to be seated until they’ve come and said, ‘hi!’

Private dining area upon request.