Harpsichord, mandolin, guitar and vocals all represented in this small group of performers at Music in The Glen

When did you start this ‘Music in the Glen’ project?

The first open mic night was June 14, 2019. We held the event on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month from 6-9pm since that time.

What prompted you to initiate this community event that’s been so well received?

There’s always been an interest among some of the locals to have somewhere to play music. The old Town Hall had terrible acoustics, no water, no bathroom and took all day to heat the building. When the new Town Hall was completed, it seemed like the logical place to come together and play music.

How would you describe the attraction of the event so far?

We’ve had a really positive response from locals, great participation. The audience is engaged. The musicians come in from Estes Park, Allenspark, Masonville, Loveland and, of course, Glen Haven. We’ve had at least a dozen single acts and groups with some returning regularly to perform.

Steve & Becky Childs of 'Childs Play', organize the event

How did your band ‘Childs Play’ get started?

Well, Becky and I would sing some of our favorite songs together at home. Becky has a beautiful voice, and she knew all the songs from when I would gig around as a solo act. Jake Shimon suggested that we get a small group going after a few evenings of drinks, dinner, and singing. Jake added a lot to the group with his voice and percussion ability. Bassist Fred Jennes joined us with the Jam Sessions, and together it felt like something that people might enjoy.

We do! Have you experienced any challenges with Music in the Glen?

The only real challenge was trying to correct the poor acoustics in the new building. Sound-absorbing panels were built and hung, and acoustic ‘clouds’ were hung from the ceiling. Now people can talk and music can be played without it sounding like an underground cave!

Attendees and performers wait for event to commence

What’s been the best part of the experience for you?

The level of interest from both the community and musicians has been really fun. One night we had eight different acts and almost 70 people attending to enjoy the music!

The whole idea was to have fun and build community. There are some talented people around The Glen, and it’s been a lot of fun to help them showcase their talents!

What’s the plan moving forward?

We’d like to continue into fall and winter if there continues to be interest. For performance schedules, check out the Estes Park News or the Town Hall website . Participants only need to bring instruments and sign in to play. Attendees should bring snacks and drinks.

Bob Clarke, storyteller and participant
The editor, Tonya Humiston, practicing tunes on her fiddle in anticipation of participating soon