Glen Haven has access to some phenomenal local trails! At the end of North Fork Road are two trailheads: one leading up to Comanche Peak Wilderness area and one leading down to follow the North Fork of the Big Thompson River for several miles. The stream trail is traditionally inaccessible in early summer during peak runoff season with water running at its highest volume. At that time, we recommend heading up the hill instead to enter the wilderness area. The initial incline is fairly steep - persevere! The trail becomes much gentler after that first climb. This trail is well-worn with horse and people foot traffic. The views are stunning, and solitude and pines quickly engulf hikers.

North Fork Trailhead Options: uphill to right of tree for Comanche Peak Wilderness, downhill to left of tree for river trail
North Fork River Trail: parts of trail inaccessible during peak snowmelt period in early summer
North Fork Trail heading into Comanche Peak Wilderness Area

I would recommend parking off Hwy 43 and just following North Fork Road on foot. This is a simple dirt road lined with beautiful cabins. You’ll also get to experience the friendliness of the people of Glen Haven - don’t forget to wave! We greet drivers and people sitting on their porches within Glen Haven.

The Crosier Mountain Trailhead can be found above Town Hall. Crosier Mountain Trail links to several other trails around Crosier Mountain. This trail enjoys a bit more recognition and is highly trafficked. The trail is littered with quartz and mica! This trail has ample parking off Hwy 43, as well.

Crosier Mountain Glen Haven Trailhead

Don’t forget to bring plenty of water - stay hydrated!

Map of local trails