I spoke with owners of the General Store Steve and Becky Childs.

How long have you lived in Glen Haven?

(Steve) I’ve been here for 43 years.

(Becky) I’ve lived here since ‘78, so 41 years. I used to vacation here with my parents, so I’ve been associated with the area for a while.

How long have you owned the General Store?

(Steve) We’ve owned the General Store since 1981, the same year we got married.

(Becky) We bought the store from my parents.

Have you had any special Glen Haven moments?

(Becky) There was that squirrel that got into the shop last year. It was inside for days! No other animal encounters, though.

(Steve) There was a bear that tried to get into our trash. Another business owner contacted me to tell me it was surfing down the road on our trash can. The bear was watching me from a ways off when I got there to check on the situation.

(Steve) We met here at the store. After the ‘76 flood, I was part of the rebuilding crew along with John Marshall and Brian Derrington. This was one of our first projects. I saw Becky and I had to get to know her!

View upon entering the General Store, looking toward quilts and soft goods.

How has the business changed over the years?

(Becky) The population of the Front Range has boomed since we bought this place. Summers used to be pretty slow around here. Now we have a line out the door!

(Steve) We’ve raised three kids in the shop. Nieces and nephews. Everyone in the family has worked here at

some point over the years. We’ve had a collection of cats and dogs here, too!

(Steve) We used to have a shop-in-shop situation with a place called Woods n’ Goods.

(Becky) The cinnamon rolls came along later.

Speaking of cinnamon rolls, what products do you sell that are customer favorites?

(Becky) The cinnamon rolls! I make hundreds every day!

(Steve) They are homemade - not machine made. She starts making them early in the morning and doesn’t stop until late afternoon.

(Becky) That’s why we ask that people place orders in advance if they’re going to have six or more.

View upon entering the General Store, looking toward baked goods, refrigerated and canned food products.
What’s a special touch that you do that people might not notice?

(Becky) I trim the crusts off all the cinnamon rolls because no one seems to want them. My mom loves the crusts, so I pass bags of them to her!

What’s your favorite part of running the General Store?

(Steve) We’ve come to learn how important the store is to Glen Haven. The town needs a place to gather after the quiet of winter.

Are there any challenges with running the General Store?

(Steve) The hardest part is that we’re open seven days a week. Long hours. We’re here from about 6 am-6 pm every day.

Is there anything you’d like to tell the community?

(Steve) Thank you! Glen Haven is a very supportive and friendly community. Over time you become friends with everyone.

Please note that Becky has generously passed a recipe along from her collection! See page 30 for the recipe.