The town falls into a sleepy hibernation state, along with many of the local animals over the winter. The town’s General Store closes from October to May with the slowdown of tourism along CR43 heading into Rocky Mountain National Park. People spend more time indoors once the snow arrives, preferring the warmth of the hearth. The cold hand of winter waits just outside their door. Firepits sit covered in snow, a reminder of summer nights under the stars roasting marshmallows and enjoying cold beverages. For those brave souls willing to get outdoors, despite the cold, serene calm that descends on the area greets them. Scenic grandeur is everywhere – from snowcapped peaks, blue skies, and incredible wildlife.

Winter all-weather walker Tammy Stein and her babies Mia and Shiloh
Baby evergreen on Fox Creek Road
Wood rounds on Fox Creek Road
Natural beauty abounds during a Glen Haven winter